Ventifresh ECO - Odor Eliminator

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    VentiFresh ECO - Odor Eliminator - UV Air Sterilizer - Purify and Sanitize with UV Powered Germs and Odor Eliminator.

    UV photocatalyst and air ventilation

    VentiFresh combines UV photocatalyst technology and air ventilation techniques to combat odor.

    Chlorophyll in plants captures sunlight to convert water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose. Similarly, our nano-grade photocatalyst core breaks down volatile organic compounds (VOCs ), or odors in gas form, into carbon dioxide and water on contact.

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    UV Photocatalyst decomposes odor

    Using a dust-resistant, low-noise motor fan, odor molecules in the air are pressured to flow inside VentiFresh's air compartment. The air then gets processed by a photocatalyst energized by UV light. As a result, clean air flows out of VentiFresh through air vents on the sides. Since the reaction is chemistry at the molecular level, odor compounds here are decomposed rather than captured by a filter, so there’s nothing to be replaced or refilled.

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