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About OurHub

Ourhub Europe BV is located in The Netherlands and collaborates with companies and individuals from all over the world. The company is founded by an international team of eCommerce and social media professionals. 

OurHub Concept

Ourhub Europe is a brand new eCommerce platform that connects social influencers, businesses and consumers to create new opportunities for all involved. We help non-European brands enter the European market by providing sales, marketing and logistical support. Furthermore, we offer these brands the possibility to promote their products through social media. In addition, we support social influencers and identify relevant products for them to promote to their audience.

In doing so, social influencers gain a share of the revenue, businesses better reach their target audience and consumers get access to the products they need.

By linking people and products with trust, we aim to stimulate the value of our partners with both offline and online reach, and best of all, OurHub creates benefits for everyone involved.

OurHub Mission

The OurHub team firmly believes in the potential that the ever-globalising world offers to consumers and businesses alike. OurHub strives to maximize this potential by connecting brands with European influencers and local stores to offer relevant products to their followers and customers. In doing so, OurHub aims to facilitate brands with access to the European market, help influencers and local stores monetize on their influence and enable consumers to acquire the products they need.

OurHub Solutions

Brand solutions

  OurHub provides logistics support in the Netherlands and other EU member states,

  Develop your distribution channels to reach European retailers,

  Set up a brand store to reach your target audience through our social influencers and resellers,

  Generate additional revenue through OurHub's cross-referral plan.

Influencer solutions

  Monetize your online influence and enjoy the benefits of becoming an OurHub Influencer,

  Promote the latest products that are relevant to your audience,

  Generate additional revenue through OurHub's cross-referral plan,

  Enjoy other benefits such as having your own product line and receiving social media training.

Retail solutions

  Include the latest products to your inventory without the usual stock risk.

Consumer solutions

  Receive major discounts through our Affiliate program.

OurHub Information

Company Name: OurHub Europe B.V.

Registered address: Lichttoren 32, 5611 BJ, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

KvK (CoC) : 72932996 / BTW (VAT): NL859290785B01 

IBAN (Bank Account) : NL25ABNA0831679662

BIC (SWIFT) : ABNANL2A / PayPal: info@ourhub.eu 

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