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Create Content And Discover New Brands to Partner With

Join OurHub and guarantee yourself a steady flow of marketing opportunities.

Our partner brands constantly look for new influencers to collaborate with. If you have a page on social media and your audience interact with the content you create — you are one step away from starting to earn money.

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Benefits of working with OURHUB

OURHUB is totally free

Our platform never takes any commission from Influencer earnings. Get transparent and quick payments.

Accepting all channels

You can promote partner products on your favorite platform, like your blog, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or anywhere else!

Create your own products

Set up your own product line with OurHub partner brands.

Become a Brand Ambassadors

Our partner brands are looking for ambassadors to evaluate their products. Receive FREE test products, use them, share your experience with your audience, and get paid!

For both established and upcoming influencers

OURHUB works with bloggers with 500+ followers. Sign up, apply your social media profile and start earning!

Receive a commission from every order

Generate additional revenue through OurHub's cross-referral plan. Receive 5% of sales over products on other pages.

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How does OURHUB works?

  • 1

    Add your social media and complete your profile

  • 2

    Submit a proposal to a brand (or wait to receive one!)

  • 3

    Create promotion content

  • 4

    Receive rewards for every purchase you made happen

  • 5

    Receive payouts directly to your PayPal or bank account. Transfers are not subject to any costs whatsoever.

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Become OURHUB's partner and start working with hundreds of advertisers today!

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How do I get started?

Start by setting up your profile: add links to your social media, fill out your information and get started!

How much will I get paid?

Earning depends on size of traffic the advertiser reach. You'll get 5% of every purchase from your audience. emails.

How to start creating campaigns?

Send proposals to clients briefs and you will receive an email when you get matched to a campaign. All communication with advertiser through emails.

How do I get paid?

We pay via PayPal or via bank wire.

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