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Grow your Business with OurHub

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Social Brand Stores

You came up with a great idea and turned it into an even more amazing product. However, reaching your customers can be challenging, even in today's globalizing world.


Enter the European market

We can create your store under the domain with logistics and payments functions that enables you to get orders from anywhere within the European Union.


Local influencers

OurHub is here to help sell your product by linking you up with local influencers. Your product is unique and we know that. That is why we do anything within our power to locate influencers whose audience is interested in your product.


Cross-selling commission

By establishing an OurHub brand store, businesses do not only generate revenue over the sales of their own products, but they also benefit through our cross-selling commission plan. This entails if someone enters the OurHub website through your brand store and then purchases a product from another partner, we will credit you with 5% of the purchasing price. In other words, the more traffic you generate, the greater your profits.

Reach your target audience

Grow your Store through our social channels



OurHub charges our partner companies based on sales of your product through OurHub. As each business is different, so do the setup costs of OurHub brand store vary. Feel free to reach out to us to for an appraisal.


Join our ranks

OurHub currently collaborates with various companies and we want you to be next! For examples of OurHub brand stores, feel free to have a look at U-Gym, Brisecare and Omicam.


In a nutshell:

  • Your brand gain access to the European market through your OurHub brand store.
  • OurHub links your product to influencers, who promote it to their audience, thereby increasing sales.
  • OurHub works on a commission basis, which means that we share with you in the profits.
  • Cross-selling referrals allows your company to profit over traffic to OurHub partner products.

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