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We help you develop your digital marketing career

In recent years, the online marketing industry has boomed unlike ever before… and with it the number of online influencers. This fierce competition has made it increasingly challenging for young talent to build a meaningful career in digital marketing. At OurHub, we offer our social influencers the opportunity to work with a continuous stream of new brands to the European market. Join the OurHub team and guarantee yourself a steady flow of marketing opportunities.


Key opinion leaders

OurHub is continuously looking for new social talent to collaborate with. OurHub influencers are individuals who are key opinion leaders in their field. This means that you have a large following on social media and that your posts generate interaction. An excellent example is our very own Soufskills who brings creativity and talent to his audience. If you are not sure whether this profile fits you, please have a look at the FAQ page or reach out to us and we will have a look at your social channels. Individuals who are not (yet) ready to become an OurHub influencer can still enjoy the benefits of OurAffiliate program.


Your Social Store


A passive and steady income

Social influencers with a large following have the opportunity to open their own page and and E-store on OurHub. We help you customise your page to your needs and suggest products that are relevant for your audience. We will make sure to transfer your share of the profits of products sold through your E-store straight to your bank account. Register now and apply for your very own OurHub page!


Cross-selling commission

By establishing your own OurHub influencer page, you do not only generate revenue over the sales of the partner products through your page, but you also benefit through our cross-selling commission plan. This entails that we will credit you with 5% of the purchasing price of any product sold to anyone who entered the OurHub website through your influencer page. In other words, the more traffic you generate, the greater your profits.


Additional benefits

Collaborating with OurHub is more than just a way for social influencers to create revenue. You can use your OurHub page as a place to to display yourself and your social media to the world. What’s more, OurHub provides its social influencers with the possibility of setting up your product line through our partners. You will also gain access to online social media trainings and other benefits.

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