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OurHub’s presentation during Taiwan Business Day at JIM-UTRECHT

Oct. 02, 2018

Dutch start-up Ourhub took part at TAIWAN BUSINESS DAY 2018 IN UTRECHT #TBD18 with a presentation. It is about how to “Work with Influencers to expand business in Europe”

“I’m trying to find this solution to help start-ups especially from Taiwan to come to the Europe…

We see the channels become bigger, become bigger. And a small are disappearing.

So we’ve found the solution for them.

We bring this kind of unique brands to Europe. And all emerging here to sell the product here without keeping the stock. The small emerging maybe able to be in stock to sell without risk. And we provide ready that info for them to sell. And for some shops even if they don’t have own stock, even when they don’t have a website, but they have a good knowledge…”

This is the first event where Ourhub participate with one of the first partner U-Gym at JIM-UTRECHT